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Uncle Nearest Acquires Esteemed French Vineyard to Launch Cognac Brand

Renowned Tennessee whiskey brand Uncle Nearest plans to expand its production into Cognac, announcing its acquisition of an esteemed estate in the French region on Wednesday.

The premium whiskey company secured ownership of Domaine Saint Martin, a highly coveted and historic property that can trace its lineage back over 350 years. The more than 100-acre estate is located along the Charente River in the city of Cognac, and encompasses an adjoining cooperage, expansive cellars, a distillery, and 50 acres dedicated to its Grande Champagne vineyards. The Cognac region comprises six distinct crus, and the Grande Champagne area is widely regarded as the most sought-after.

The new venture is headed up by president Adrian Parker, the former vice president of global marketing for Patrón Tequila. The project will also tap the expertise of seasoned spirits professionals Brielle Caruso, who serves as chief marketing officer, and Chauncey Hamlett from The Formulation Group, who heads innovation. Parker notes Uncle Nearest Founder and CEO Fawn Weaver’s leadership has been essential to the exemplary growth of Uncle Nearest, and that her vision will help give way to an equally successful expansion into Cognac.

“Under Fawn’s guidance and innovative approach, the Uncle Nearest team has created a playbook for independent spirits that has never before been seen,” said Parker in a brand press release. “In four years, they have grown Nearest Green Distillery to the seventh most visited distillery in the world…The Uncle Nearest team went from distribution in one state to all 50 states in less than two years and their sales now rank them in the top 10 of all ultra-premium American whiskey companies, the only independent company in that ranking.”

Though the Cognac brand will be owned by Uncle Nearest, it plans to go by a different name that has yet to be revealed. The company plans to unveil more information about the release in 2024.

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