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Afternoon Brief, June 2nd

Buellton’s Summerland Wine Brands to Liquidate, Close Doors By July 31: Summerland Wine Brands, formerly Terravant Wine Co., laid off or furloughed all but about 40 people on May 25, and plans to liquidate its winemaking equipment and sell the Buellton facility, according to a former employee familiar with operations… The post Afternoon Brief, June …

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We Asked 25 Bartenders: What’s the Best Non-Alcoholic ‘Spirit?’

The buzz surrounding booze-free spirits is stronger than ever. With the growing interest in Dry January and other sober-centric movements, no-ABV products have proliferated — enough to prompt their own dedicated bars and retail shops (and, maybe one day, a mainstream cocktail). In just a few years, the space has gone from practically zero zero-proof …

We Asked 25 Bartenders: What’s the Best Non-Alcoholic ‘Spirit?’ Read More »

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