We are an importer, exporter & wholesaler of alcoholic beverages & food with type 14 public warehouse & fulfillment service

Alcoholic beverage & food warehousing & storage

Alcoholic beverage & food warehousing & storage

Alcoholic beverage and food warehousing and storage

ASG, LLC is a provider of a cost effective warehouse services for your food or alcoholic beverage needs.

Our West Coast warehousing business operates an FDA registered license 14 public warehouse located in Chatsworth, Los Angeles County, California. Our license 14 public warehouse is a licensed storage facility for alcohol, or alcoholic beverages including beer, wine and distilled spirits for other licensees, importers and wholesalers.

ASG, LLC fulfillment warehouse location is strategically placed in close proximity to the Port of Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles Airport (LAX), and Burbank Airport. The warehouse is within close proximity to major local freeways 118, 101, 405, 14, 210 and, 5, 10 and 15 interstate freeways.

The facility is a few miles North West of Universal Studios in Hollywood, Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles therefore strategically located to fulfill all West Coast or national outsourcing needs.

We provide nationwide coverage with affordable shipping rates and fast turnaround. We can easily process overseas containers or LTL shipments of your inventory and ship to any of your customers nationwide. Our experience, uniqueness and flexibility give us the ability to assist you to maintain and expand your business into any growing consumer alcoholic beverage or food market.

At ASG, LLC we focus on helping YOU to GROW your business. We pride ourselves on providing superior custom-designed warehousing and storage services tailored to meet any of your specific needs.

We consider ourselves an integral part of your business and strive to create a lifetime long partnership with our customers. At ASG, LLC we accommodate our customers’ individual requirements by performing our services to fit their business needs. We strive to respond to our customers personally and quickly!

ASG, LLC offers you maximum flexibility in selecting the level and kind of warehousing and storage services that meet your present needs and future growth goals. We provide superb services at reasonable prices and have the expertise and capacity to assist small and startup companies as well as large businesses.

Contact us to learn more about our warehousing and storage service for your specific needs.

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