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The VinePair Podcast: Can Anyone Topple Twisted Tea?

For over two decades, Boston Beer’s Twisted Tea has reigned supreme in the hard iced tea category. Now, with the brand’s success compounded by the massive successes of hard seltzer, a number of beverage companies have introduced hard iced teas of their own. Among those companies are Lipton and AriZona, beloved non-alcoholic iced tea brands that have both launched an alcoholic counterpart in the last year.

Today, Joanna and Zach sit down to taste the offerings from both Lipton Hard Tea and AriZona Hard Tea while discussing whether or not hard iced tea will ever be able to compete with hard seltzer. With more intense flavors and, more often than not, a higher concentration of sugar, it may be challenging for the beverage to appeal to the same consumers as those who enjoy a hard seltzer.

Plus, with established giants like Twisted Tea taking up so much of hard iced teas market share, is it even possible for new entrants to compete within their own category? Tune in for more.

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