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Special Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With the help of our nifty gift ideas, you’ll be able to let your special someone know how much you care by gifting them one of these gift items below. 

The Lovebirds 

Classic and personalized Valentine’s gift items with a wine lovers’ twist

Wine Lovers Chocolate

We are accustomed to giving each other sweets and flowers on February 14th, but what about stepping it up with Wine Lovers Chocolate instead? These treats have been curated specifically to pair with some of your favorite wines. Host a chocolate pairing party for two and indulge in chocolates that pair with Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, Zinfandel and Port.

Lucky in Love Glasses

Perhaps you can plan an enchanting evening with a decadent home cooked meal. Of course, you’ll need something to sip that you can pair with your dinner! How about pouring your favorite wine in our limited edition ‘Lucky in Love’ Ultima Modern wine glasses

They come in sets of 6 with platinum, hand-painted rims and are available as Champagne flutes, Chardonnay or Bordeaux glasses. ‘Lucky in Love’ imprints are available in white, red or frost. Hand wash is recommended.

Personalized Wood Wine Carrier

If you and your wine-loving sweetheart are planning an intimate getaway, consider traveling with ease by purchasing one of our Wood Wine Carriers

These handsome wine carriers are made from recycled wood to safely store and carry your wine and include laser-etched personalization. Personalize the carrier with designs, such as your names and a date of your choice. These carriers do not come with wine, so make this gift even more thoughtful by incorporating your special someone’s favorite bottles. 

Sustainable Sweethearts 

Gift items for the environmentally conscious couple

Recycled Wine Bottle Vase & Shakers Bundle

Don’t just give your significant other flowers, but accompany their favorite flora by presenting them in a unique and environmentally friendly Recycled Wine Bottle Vase

Imported from Germany, these stylish vases are made from reclaimed bottles that are collected from local wineries and restaurants. They even come in a bundle with our matching Recycled Salt and Pepper Shakers. The shakers are plugged with Champagne corks and would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s kitchen. 

Bordeaux Fig & Vetiver Eco Candle

You can delight your partner with a candlelit dinner or a cozy night in as our Bordeaux Fig & Vetiver Eco Candle takes center stage. Made just like our recycled vase, this candle is housed in a recycled wine bottle holder. 

Rich and sophisticated, our Eco Candles blend fresh herbal scents with a hint of ripe fig to create a lovely, subtle fragrance. They are vegan, use soy wax and can burn for up to 60 hours. 

This is a beautiful gift for the wine lover. I also purchased one for myself to try and absolutely love the aroma!

Rita, IWA Reviews

Cocktail Infusion Kit Bundle

Making craft cocktails with your soulmate is not only a charming activity, but also a wonderful opportunity to bond, create memories and explore new flavors together on this holiday. Our Cocktail Infusion Kit Bundle contains Cranberry Martini, Old Fashioned and Hibiscus Ginger Lemon cocktail kits. These cocktail making kits are all vegan and non-GMO, made in the USA and will last up to 2 years on your pantry shelf prior to infusion.

Protip: Make your craft cocktail kits in advance and throw a Valentine’s Day gathering with your close friends or family so they can enjoy your homemade drinks!

All bundled up in a reusable mason jar, each cocktail kit requires just 12 ounces of alcohol. After they have been refrigerated for 3 days, they are ready to be poured as the base for up to 8 craft cocktails. You can also make family-friendly, non-alcoholic drinks by mixing in a 1.5 shot of lemonade or juice in place of alcohol. 

The Grand Gesture 

High-ticket gift items for those who enjoy luxurious wine country living 

Riedel Horn Decanter

If your other half is partial to both wine and history, this next item will certainly take their breath away. Austria’s early horse-drawn carriage mail service used a Post Horn to announce their arrival – an elegant instrument that has been incorporated into symphonies ever since. This stunning Riedel Horn Decanter pays homage to its origins with a timeless design. 

The Riedel Horn Decanter is a double threat. It can aerate old wines just moments before they are served to ensure that their clarity and brilliance have not been obstructed by deposits and sediment. As for young wines, their flavor will be allowed to bloom for several hours and attain a stage of development that normally requires years of aging.

If you would prefer a gift that is right on theme for Valentine’s Day, consider our Riedel Black Tie Bliss Decanter instead. Adorned with a solid, clear heart at its center, you’ll love serving wine for special occasions with this one-of-a-kind decanter. They are handmade, mouth-blown from lead-free crystal and feature a black crystal highlight on the side for fanciful flair. 

Laguiole En Aubrac Mammoth Ivory Corkscrew

Every wine lover, especially your favorite one, deserves a corkscrew renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. Laguiole En Aubrac corkscrews are made in France and are preferred by professional sommeliers worldwide. They showcase extra-long, 5-turn spirals and serrated blade foil cutters to effortlessly open bottles with precision and ease. 

Each made from rare material, these come with contoured, handcrafted handles. Their corkscrew and foil cutter are forged from ultra-strong Sandvik polished stainless steel. They are even packaged in handsome, French Oak gift boxes for easy gift-giving. 

If you both enjoy saving wine corks from the bottles you share together, take a look at our selection of Cork Cages & Accessories to store your prized collection. 

Le Cache Contemp 2400 Driftwood Wine Cabinet

When soulmates share the same passion, you can make each other’s dreams come true. Make a meaningful grand gesture by investing in one of our Le Cache or Transtherm wine storage cabinets

Display and store your shared wine collection in an upright refrigerated wine cabinet or credenza furniture, built to fit your home bar or dedicated temperature-controlled wine room. We offer the finest cabinetry from world-renowned brands, providing state-of-the-art wine bottle storage, racking and shelving systems with your choice of  solid or glass doors. 

Outdoorsy Types 

Gift items for adventurous partners who love the outdoors

Wine Picnic Backpack for Two

If you plan to go enjoy some fresh air, then you can spend the day hiking and take a delicious meal with you! Our Wine Picnic Backpack for Two is designed for comfortably carrying wine and food with you wherever you go (also available in tweed). 

This backpack comes with everything you need for a picnic, minus the food! It features two insulated front pockets for wine bottles and a roomy, insulated food storage compartment. Full service for two is included, from plates and utensils to cloth napkins and salt and pepper shakers.

Folding Wine Table

Perhaps you’ll want to visit the coast and relax on the beach with the one you love. You can keep the sand away from your wine and cheese with our Folding Wine Table. This Baltic birch wood table is easy to carry with convenient handles and locks open or folded for easy storage. 

The Folding Wine Table is designed for any kind of outdoor entertaining – picnics, camping, beaches or even in your own backyard. It holds 1 wine bottle, 2 glasses and a small plate, and comes with a 5 ½” long tapered fiberglass stake that drives easily into the ground.

Picnic Stix Wine Holders

If you would rather relax outside with a bottle (or two) of wine and skip the food, we’ve got you covered! Introducing our Picnic Stix Wine Holders, also designed for outdoor entertaining. This set comes with 1 bottle and 2 wine glass holders, all with single, stainless steel legs that easily secure into the ground or sand. 

This holiday, celebrate the one you love most by showing them how well you know them. Whether they’re a beginner sipper or a seasoned wine expert, IWA has everything for the wine lover and wonderful gift items for your sweetheart. 

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