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Save a Seat at the Holiday Table for Talbott Vineyards

Looking for an easy way to add something special to your festive fête? Talbott Vineyards is dedicated to growing and producing distinctive cool-climate wines that are perfect for elevating the holiday season. From a formal and festive dinner complete with table swags and the “good” plates to a lazy Saturday of streaming and take-out, celebrate whenever (and whatever!) you please with these food-friendly wines.

Talbott wines are 100 percent estate grown from the Sleepy Hollow Vineyard, which is situated in the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA in Monterey County. Talbott focuses exclusively on block-specific and limited-production Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, each highlighting the diversity and complex flavors from Sleepy Hollow Vineyard.  This certified sustainable vineyard is solar-powered and closely manages water usage, reusing treated water for irrigation only when soil probes indicate the vines need water.

First planted in 1982, the vineyard consists of 565 planted acres divided into three parcels: Sleepy Hollow North, Sleepy Hollow West, and Sleepy Hollow South. Known for producing exceptional wines year after year, Talbott’s Sleepy Hollow bottles have a penchant for high acidity and focused flavor.

Winemaker Kamee Knutson is now carrying on the Talbott legacy, bringing over 20 years of experience crafting Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from California’s Central Coast. Talbott’s vast portfolio means there’s a perfect bottle for all your seasonal soireés. Here are just a few that deserve a seat at your table, couch, or patio this holiday season.

Bubbly for Any Occasion

Talbott Sparkling Brut is brand new on the holiday scene and ready for all of your 2023 gatherings.

Invite your sportiest friends over to watch some Sunday afternoon football. Open some gourmet potato chips — hello, truffle oil and crab! — and pop the cork on this upscale sparkling wine that won’t break the bank. Talbott’s first foray into sparkling wine uses traditional grapes of the Champagne region, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, for a West Coast spin on a classic. Fine bubbles filled with the aroma of baked brioche, rich quince fruit, and a roasted nuttiness lead into flavors of bright lemon curd and honey-drizzled green apple.

With a touch of Talbott’s reserve oak-aged Sleepy Hollow Vineyard Chardonnay added to the blend, Talbott’s signature richness and depth of flavor are just beneath the bubbles. A traditional secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle and ages on the lees for 24 months.

If football isn’t your thing, have no fear. Talbott’s sparkling wine is perfect with an indulgent creamy cheese board loaded with brie, fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, and a game night after a long walk on the beach. Or try it with buttered and herb-dusted popcorn and a movie on the couch with that special someone. No matter what you do, elevate your bubbly experience, California-style.

Find Time to Unwind

The 2021 Block 22 West Pinot Noir practically begs you to pause so you can fully embrace its layers of nuanced flavors and intriguing complexity. The grapes for this wine are grown in small blocks on the estate in Santa Lucia Highlands, which encourages the very best of the vines and results in an incredible expression of terroir. Aromas of cherry blossom and dried violet excite the senses, leading to bakery-worthy notes of cooked blackberry and dark cherry. You’ll taste silky vanilla and baking spice on the long, surprisingly peppery finish.

Take a break from the rush of holiday shopping and party hopping and throw a low key dinner party. Invite the people you actually want to linger and order in; paper plates will do. Spicy Thai noodles, ceviche, and locally sourced seafood complement this wine perfectly. Add to the cozy vibe with some low key beats in the background, and take time to savor the flavors — and time with your friends.

Cool Climate Wine and Cool Weather Picnics

Add some color to a drab day with Talbott’s 2022 Rosé of Pinot Noir. Contrary to popular belief, it’s always the right time for rosé, and Talbott’s 2022 rosy offering is no exception. Pale pink with strawberry, peach, and tangerine aromas, the acidity is mouthwatering and practically begging for picnic food. Since you taste with your eyes first and then with your nose, the pretty color and intense fragrance of this concentrated Pinot Noir rosé certainly adds to the enjoyment.

Bundle up on a beautiful late-fall day and head out to the backyard or a local beach for the last picnic of the season. Try this rosé with chicken salad sandwiches (cut into triangles, of course.) Or stop by the best sandwich shop in town and order that turkey and pesto creation on the specials board you’ve been dreaming about. It’s a guarantee that Talbott Rosé of Pinot Noir will add brightness to any meal.

Save This One for a Special Occasion


When it comes to Talbott Vineyards, it’s quality over quantity, and the Talbott Fidelity Chardonnay 2021 is no exception. With only 200 cases produced, you might consider saving this one for something extraordinary. To get a hold of this exclusive wine, all you have to do is join Talbott’s Wine Club.

Fidelity is the star of the Talbott portfolio and inspired by the Talbott family motto: “Touts Jours Fidele” or “Always Faithful.” This wine conveys that sense of place that winemakers strive for. Fidelity is the best barrel of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the vintage, showcasing a singular expression of cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Sleepy Hollow Vineyard

This once-in-a-lifetime bottle brims with aromas of warm baked pastry and lemon custard. Juicy peach and pineapple dance with acidity on a creamy caramel and vanilla base. Carve out some time in the crazy holiday season and surprise a Chardonnay lover with a decadent seafood dinner. This wine calls for candlelight and a favorite acoustic album. Proclaim your fidelity to the finer things in life; Talbott wines are the perfect choice for the upcoming holidays.

Whether every detail of your get-together is planned or wonderfully spontaneous, Talbott will emphasize the joy of every gathering and turn every meal into an occasion. No matter which wine you choose, Talbott Vineyards is honored to join the party.

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