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Baker’s Announces Return of 13 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

Baker’s Bourbon will reintroduce its 13 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon in a limited-edition release this year.

This year will mark the first return of the 13 year bottling since its initial release, after a four year hiatus. Baker’s Bourbon, a brand under Jim Beam’s Small Batch Bourbon Collection, was launched in 1992 by sixth-generation Beam master distiller Booker Noe and named the label for his cousin, Baker Beam. In 2019, parent company Beam Suntory relaunched Baker’s as a single barrel product, with both a popular seven-year bottling as well as the more elusive, allocated 13 year expression.

Baker’s 13 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon clocks in at 107 proof and is defined by the brand’s signature medium-bodied structure with notes of vanilla, caramel, fruit, and toasted nuts. The added maturation time leads to a more intense flavor profile when compared to the classic Baker’s Single Barrel Bourbon.

Since Baker’s is focused on single barrel expressions, those who purchase a bottle can trace the characteristics of their bourbon by inputting the serial number found on the bottle’s neck tag on the Baker’s website. This allows customers to see how weather, length of aging, and warehouse location, influenced the liquid in that particular bottle.

Though no official release date has been announced, the bourbon will be available in limited quantities in select U.S. states, with a suggested retail price of $129.99 for a 750 ml bottle.

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