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Ask Joanna: Does a 25% Tip Always Apply, Even When I Only Order Shots?

For anyone following along, you know that we try to be good tippers here at VinePair. These standards apply even at your local dive bar, and especially with a big group. So if you’re out with friends and order a round of shots, you should definitely expect to tip, but how much you tip depends on a few things.

First, are you sitting at a table and ordering from a server? If so, and you’re getting a bunch of shots for them to bring over, you should expect to tip at least 20 percent on the entire bill, including those shots. Table service requires more labor and that should be accounted for in the gratuity you leave. Maybe that seems ridiculous to you — tipping 20 percent or more on a bar tab — but then you should probably reconsider sitting at a table.

If, on the other hand, you’re ordering those same shots at the bar, leaving a couple bucks, ideally cash, as a tip (versus 20 percent on the total), seems more appropriate given the circumstances and setting. Obviously this number depends on how many shots you’re ordering and how much they cost, but I’d generally aim to tip at least $1 per shot.

Now, this is all assuming you’re ordering something simple, like shots of whiskey or tequila. But if you’re getting specialty shooters that require multiple ingredients, shaking, and pouring — like, say, green tea shots — then you might consider tipping a little more for the additional effort.

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