We are an importer, exporter & wholesaler of alcoholic beverages & food with type 14 public warehouse & fulfillment service


ASG, LLC operates in global markets offering import and export services to companies aimed to scale their business development, opening new markets and enlarging product portfolio. We focus on alcoholic beverages and food. We have a strong position in the U.S. market and possess the knowledge, technology, logistics, real estate and licensing to import, wholesale and retail virtually any product in the named category. As a trading company which operates in the food and drink business areas, ASG, LLC provides a role of a facilitator in the placement of high-quality alcoholic beverages and food products to either brick-and-mortar stores or online markets.

ASG. LLC also provides customized services and assistance to companies in foreign trade. We survey potential customers with interest in their or our product portfolio. On behalf of our customers we manage the commercial relationship. We assess the requirements of our trade partners and provide them with the most relevant markets for their products to import or export. We develop the most sustainable trade strategies for each of our clients, their products, increase their sale volume, and provide assistance with specific certifications and licensing.


Our goal at ASG, LLC is to bring to our customers the best products from around the world. To supply, educate and service our brands and clients with high-quality beverage and food portfolio, improve their competitiveness in the U.S. and global markets, and maximize brand recognition and success.


Establish and continually develop human relationship, prosperity, safety, happiness and quality of life by offering quality beverage and food portfolio.

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