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You Could Win a Stay at Buffalo Trace’s Invite-Only Lodge — Here Are the Details

This might just be the trip of a lifetime for any bourbon enthusiast. Cult bourbon brand Buffalo Trace is celebrating a massive distilling milestone this year by sharing the love with one lucky drinker.

Buffalo Trace Distillery is hosting a national giveaway to celebrate its eight millionth bourbon barrel filled since Prohibition, the brand tells VinePair over email. To enter, the distillery is seeking fans who’ll run the extra mile for bourbon.

“Buffalo Trace Distillery is asking Americans, specifically eight million of them, to ditch their resolutions and run (even if that means walking, jogging, sprinting, or cheering someone on) for bourbon instead,” the press release states. To enter the sweepstakes, individuals can visit the contest website and indicate they’ve completed the one-mile challenge.

The swanky trip package includes a luxurious itinerary for two: first-class plane tickets, a one-night stay at the Stagg Lodge and another night in Louisville, dinners crafted by the distillery’s private chef, private tours, $800 to spend at the Buffalo Trace gift shop, and a charitable bourbon donation made in the winner’s name.

It’s estimated this entire experience adds up to a $10,000 value — but as the Stagg Lodge has never opened its rooms to the public, some might consider this trip to be priceless.

“The passion we see from our fans is the most inspiring part of what we do. We want to celebrate those willing to go the extra mile, literally, at this landmark moment,” master distiller Harlen Wheatley states in the release “We’re asking people to run just one mile for a chance to join us for a specially curated bourbon experience, and the opportunity to stock their bars with an exclusive collection of some of our finest bourbons for the new year and beyond.”

The contest will be live from Jan. 18 to Feb. 18 online, after which one lucky entrant will be chosen at random. They’ll be notified by the end of February, with the trip taking place later in 2023.

Best of luck in winning this once-in-a-lifetime distillery stay.

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