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The World’s 10 Most Valuable Beer Brands (2023)

Despite inflationary pressures and a slew of recent controversy, the beer industry is enjoying healthy, stable growth as it continues to rebound from the impacts of the pandemic. And as consumers turn to higher quality, better tasting brews over the most budget-friendly options, there’s a new top dog when it comes to the most valuable beer brands.

According to new data from Brand Finance, a leading brand valuation consultancy firm, Heineken has overtaken Corona Extra to become the world’s most valuable beer brand. Valued at $7.6 billion, the Dutch producer experienced 10 percent growth year-over-year for 2023, knocking Corona down a slot despite the brand’s own 6 percent growth. The Mexican lager still isn’t far behind, though, bringing in a value of $7.4 billion.

Brand Finance, which measures “the net economic benefit that a brand owner would achieve by licensing the brand in the open market,” attributes Heineken’s growth to the brand’s “continued innovation,” citing Heineken Silver as a specific example. The consultancy also accredits Heineken’s premiumization and price hikes as additional driving forces behind the brand’s increasing success.

“It seems like beer drinkers are not necessarily drinking more, but instead, are drinking better,” says Henry Farr, associate director of Brand Finance. “Many consumers are looking to trade up on their beer of choice, prioritizing taste and quality over price. Beer brands that are delivering on high quality premium lagers seem to be doing well.”

The rankings of the most valuable beer brands are listed below.

The 10 Most Valuable Beer Brands in 2023

Heineken ($7.6 billion)
Corona Extra ($7.4 billion)
Budweiser ($6.7 billion)
Bud Light ($5.9 billion)
Modelo Especial ($4.2 billion)
Snow ($3.5 billion)
Kirin ($3.2 billion)
Asahi ($2.8 billion)
Coors ($2.7 billion)
Miller Lite ($2.7 billion)

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