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The Highest-Rated Burger Joints in Major U.S. Cities, According to Yelp [MAP]

A fast-food staple and a quintessential part of the backyard barbecue, burgers are beloved in American cuisine. Every year, upwards of 50 million are consumed within the country, and almost every region in the U.S. has a distinct burger style to call its own. With so many variations — and countless establishments whipping them up — a good way to check out which burger joint is the best in town is by checking out its reviews.

So, we took to Yelp to sort through thousands of restaurants, delis, and quick-serve spots to discover which burger purveyors have the highest-rated reviews. But first, we needed to narrow things down: We sorted our search results by filtering them from highest to lowest rated, only including establishments with at least 400 reviews and a minimum of four stars. Menus also came into consideration — in order to be considered a “burger joint,” the restaurant must either revolve around its burger service or have several on offer — just one or two won’t do here.

Some hotspots, like Denver’s Zig Zag Smokin’ Burger, offer more than 10 burger styles ranging from the classic beef patty to those bolstered by pulled pork or lamb. Others, like Kansas City’s Tay’s Burger Shack, keep things simple by allowing customers to choose between a single, double, triple, or home run (made with four patties) along with their desired toppings and condiments.

Curious where to find the best burger in your home city? Check out our map below depicting the highest-rated burger joint in every U.S. city and its Yelp rating.

The Most Popular Burger Joints in Major Cities

Atlanta, Georgia: NFA Burger (4.7)
Austin, Texas: Jewboy Burgers (4.6)
Boston, Massachusetts: Boston Burger (4.1)
Charlotte, North Carolina: Ace No 3 – Belmont Village (4.6)
Chicago, Illinois: Flub A Dub Chub’s (4.5)
Columbus, Ohio: Flavor 91 Bistro (4.6)
Dallas, Texas: Sky Rocket Burger (4.7)
Denver, Colorado: Zig Zag Smokin’ Burger (4.4)
Detroit, Michigan: Taystee’s Burgers (4.3)
Houston, Texas: Little Matt’s (4.6)
Indianapolis, Indiana: Twenty Tap (4.4)
Kansas City, Missouri: Tay’s Burger Shack (4.5)
Las Vegas, Nevada: Joy Burgers (4.7)
Los Angeles, California: Morrison Atwater Village (4.7)
Miami, Florida: Clutch Burger (4.6)
Nashville, Tennessee: Big Al’s Deli (4.8)
New Orleans, Louisiana: District Donuts Sliders Brew (4.4)
New York, New York: Whiskey Tavern (4.5)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Nic’s Grill (4.5)
Omaha, Nebraska: Block 16 (4.5)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Lucky’s Last Chance (4.4)
Phoenix, Arizona: Lucky’s Burgers & Shakes (4.6)
San Francisco, California: The Melt (4.4)
Seattle, Washington: The Box & Burgers Eatery (4.6)
Washington, D.C.: The Capital Burger (4.3)

*Image retrieved from Amirali Mirhashemian via Unsplash.com

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