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The Cocktail College Podcast: The El Floridita Daiquiri

“Cocktail College” is brought to you by Zacapa No. 23 Rum. Listener, I want to talk to you about aging today, specifically about solera aging. You probably know it from the fine wines in Jerez, Spain, and you’ve probably noticed that it’s become something of a trend these days in distilled spirits. Well, for Zacapa No. 23 Rum, that’s always been the process — a blend of 6- to 23-year-old rums using the solera method — but not only that. Here’s what’s super interesting: That aging takes place in some of the highest-altitude facilities in the world. They call it “the house above the clouds.” And when you start to get that combination, that unique combination of solera and altitude, what you end up with is an aged rum that is truly unique. Here’s what else is unique: the petate weaving on every bottle. They’re handwoven, and I’m a sucker for bottle design, so I wanted to point that out. But folks, that is Zacapa No. 23. The bottle looks great, the liquid tastes great, and it’s got a really unique story you can share with friends. Head to www.zacaparum.com right now to learn more.

One of the many reasons we heap praise on the Negroni is its ease of preparation. Even at the most dicey of dive bars, there’s a good chance it has all the ingredients on hand to make you one. More than that, it’s a solid cocktail where the difference between the best and worst Negroni you might encounter is marginal.

Unlike the Daiquiri.

Few cocktails occupy such a broad sway in the quality spectrum. On one end, you have the holy three-ingredient trinity that’s become the figurative acid test for bartenders. On the other, you have a range of options that run the gamut from bright and sweet to artificially colored and frozen. How we got from one to the other is a complex tale that goes well beyond the act of making cocktails, but today’s drink has certainly played a role.

On this episode of “Cocktail College,” we’re joined by Ricardo Rodriguez, bar manager at Aberdeen, N.J.’s Lita and La Otra, to shed light on the good, the bad, and the ugly Daiquiri iterations — specifically the El Floridita Daiquiri. We’re ditching the shaker tins in favor of the blender for this one; it’s time to pull out that tall, straw-covered bottle of Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur. It’s Cuba, Catalonia, coconut water, and Constantino Ribalaigua Vert — and it’s all right here on the “Cocktail College” podcast. Tune in for more.

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Ricardo Rodriguez’s El Floridita Daiquiri Recipe


1 teaspoon white sugar
Juice of half a lime
5 drops Luxardo Maraschino Originale Liqueur
2 ounces Cuban rum (or Brugal Extra Dry, Don Q, Bacardi Superior)


Add all ingredients to a blender.
Fill the serving glass (large 8 ½-ounce coupe) with crushed ice then add that to the blender with ingredients.
Blend until fully incorporated and chilled, 8–12 seconds.
Add to coupe glass and serve with a straw.

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