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Scottish Soccer Fans Drink Airports and German Bars Dry in Less Than 24 Hours

The 2024 Euros are upon us, and despite warnings from U.K. officials urging spectators to drink responsibly, it looks like Scottish fans aren’t holding back. The dedicated followers of Scotland’s national football team — affectionately called the Tartan Army — are known for their enthusiastic and often rowdy behavior, and they’re already living up to their reputation.

The kilt-clad group allegedly drank several airport bars dry before even reaching Germany, where this year’s tournament will be hosted. On June 13, the day prior to Scotland’s opening match against Germany, online reports claimed that the Glasgow Airport ran out of Tennent’s Lager, the Aberdeen Airport had to change their kegs at 5 a.m., and fans flying from the Manchester Airport drank its bars out of both Mahou and San Miguel beers by 10:33 a.m.

But the airport’s booze wasn’t enough to satiate the Tartan Army. Just hours after the Scots arrived in Munich, they took over Woerner’s Bar in the city’s central square: despite their noon arrival, the bar was left brewless by 4:00 pm. Now, other Munich bars are preparing for the influx of drinkers (which some are calling “Scot-oberfest”) and are ordering more beer to avoid a similar fate.

“It’s not our fault your fans like beer so much,” one waitress told The Scottish Sun.

It appears this outpouring of support couldn’t save Scotland’s performance, though: the team lost to Germany 5-1 in Friday’s tournament opener.

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