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Prosecco DOC Reports Over 638 Million Bottles Sold in 2022, Worth Over $3 Billion

The Prosecco DOC Consortium recently shared data on its particularly successful year in 2022.

Over 638.5 billion bottles of Prosecco were sold in 2022, according to a March 3 emailed press release from the organization. The total sales value amounted to more than €3 billion euros (nearly $3.2 billion USD).

Prosecco production by volume also rose in 2022. The DOC marked a 1.8 percent increase in output year-over-year and a subsequent uptick in sales by value (11.5 percent).

“The 2022 harvest was a success in terms of quantity and quality, satisfying anticipated demand for 2023. These excellent results confirm the efficient planning and management of this world-renowned denomination,” the press release states.

81.2 percent of Prosecco bottles were exported internationally and 18.8 percent were sold domestically in Italy (approximately 120 million bottles). The United States is the top export market for this sparkling wine; some 134 million bottles were imported into the U.S. last year.

The United States previously surpassed the United Kingdom in the total volume of exports in 2021, according to Drinks Intel. In 2022, the U.S. also skyrocketed to the top in terms of dollar sales.

Some 130 million bottles of sparkling wine were exported to the U.K., which currently holds the No. 2 spot for worldwide exports, which is followed by Germany (46 million bottles). France holds the No. 4 spot in terms of exports by volume, marking a 19 percent increase YOY by volume and

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to celebrate with some bubbly.

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