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Pabst Blue Ribbon Just Launched a Colossal 180-Pack of Beer

You might want to pass on picking up a keg for your next backyard rager. Pabst Blue Ribbon just launched a 180-pack to celebrate its 180-year anniversary.

Pabst, which got its start in Milwaukee, has come a long way since then: from its near-collapse to its legendary hipster-fueled renaissance, the brewery has cemented itself as a mainstay in the American macro beer landscape, and this summertime drop honors that legacy. According to a press release, the XL pack is adorned with significant figures and symbols from the brand’s long history, including mascot Cool Blue, its namesake Captain Frederick Pabst, and even a nod to Pabst-ett, its Prohibition-era cheese product. The new packaging will also house the beer’s standard 12-pack, 24-pack, and 30-pack for a limited time.

This isn’t the first time Pabst has leaned into large-format packaging. In 2017 and 2019, the brand debuted a seven-foot long, limited-edition 99-pack to usher in the holiday season. Two years later, Pabst upped the ante with the release of a 1,776-can box right before the Fourth of July. Both of these launches were still dwarfed by the brand’s 1,844-can pack, which hit shelves in Summer 2022.

Think of the 180-pack as a happy medium between the three previous mega -cases — and a solid excuse to throw a party.

Where to Buy Pabst Blue Ribbon 180-Pack

The Pabst Blue Ribbon 180-pack (and the additional cases featuring the anniversary-themed artwork) are now available for purchase online and in stores nationwide. According to the brand, the 180-pack does not have a set SRP, so cost varies from market to market.

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