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Monster Energy is Dropping ‘Nasty Beast’ Hard Teas This Year

The iconic energy drink company is unleashing yet another boozy RTD.

Monster Energy plans to release a lineup of non-caffeinated hard teas in late 2023, according to Beer Business Daily. The new sub-brand, called “Nasty Beast,” was announced during an annual shareholder briefing on June 22.

The new line will be marketed separately from the California-based brand’s current boozy products. Nasty Beast, a 6 percent ABV tea, will be offered in four yet-to-be-announced flavors. The company plans to offer the teas in standard 12-can variety packs, as well as individual 23- to 24-ounce cans.

“Our intention is to launch the hard iced tea extension sub-brand under the Nasty Beast name,” Monster Energy co-CEO Rodney Sacks said in the shareholder meeting, per BBD. “We think that will give us a much better billboard effect.”

Monster Energy first entered the alcohol market in August 2022, when it announced the release of The Beast Unleashed. The caffeine-free fermented malt beverage — sold in on-brand flavors like Mean Green and Scary Berries — is now available in roughly 40 percent of U.S. states.

Sacks says he’s optimistic about the new offering after last year’s successful release. While Monster did not disclose exact sales numbers from The Beast Unleashed’s launch, the co-CEO says that initial sales met company expectations, and the company plans to expand distribution in the coming months with a goal of national availability by December.

While drinkers are still expressing a thirst for an added buzz in their alcoholic drinks — Red Bull Vodkas remain a top nightclub order, and Espresso Martinis are now staples on cocktail bar menus across the U.S. — there have long been regulatory efforts to keep alcohol and caffeine in separate cans. FDA took several caffeinated RTDs, including Four Loko, off the market in 2010 due to health risks.

More details about the new teas are expected in the coming months.

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