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Make a Splash This Holiday Season With 4 White Claw® Gift Baskets

While the holidays are traditionally a time for spiced ciders, creamy eggnogs, and hot buttered rums, this year we suggest you ditch the high-maintenance cocktails and switch it up with a drink that’s brighter, colder, and bolder.

Something like White Claw®.

Of course, it is the season of giving, so we’re not (just) suggesting you grab a 6-pack for yourself. With flavored vodkas, mixed drinks, and, of course, the brand’s game-changing hard seltzer, there’s a White Claw® product for every of-age person in your life, and each can serve as the refreshing foundation for a gift basket that’s anything but boring.

Below, find four ways to package and present a few of our favorite drinks and revel in your role as a hard seltzer-gifting champion.

Twelve Days of Crispness

Rather than 12 drummers drumming, treat a loved one to a dozen of something far more delicious: a White Claw® Hard Seltzer variety pack featuring the fizzy and flavorful classics that first put White Claw® on the map: Raspberry, Ruby Grapefruit, Black Cherry, and Natural Lime.

This variety pack is already a party in a box — making it the perfect gift for the enthusiastic host — so when building a basket around the beverage, you’ve got to think fun. Whip up some homemade snack mix, toss in a card game guaranteed to get the laughs going and the conversation flowing, then add a miniature speaker to ensure that wherever the night leads, the music can follow.

A Taste of the Tropics

Though wintertime begs for a sunny escape, the costs and the crowds mean that seasonal travel is anything but easy. Instead, help your friends step up their staycations by transporting them to the tropics via delicious beverages.

For a taste of paradise, grab a bottle of White Claw™ Flavored Vodka Mango (featuring additional fruity notes of orange, cantaloupe, and peach) and Pineapple. When building the rest of the basket, summon vacay vibes with salty snacks and summery items that will instantly add tropical vibes to their home. A few ideas: fun sunglasses, macadamia nuts, silly straws, a sea breeze-scented candle, and a surf rock album on vinyl. Don’t forget paper umbrellas for extra presentation punch.

While we encourage you to get creative, there’s one thing you won’t need — a mixer. Besides being packed with flavor, White Claw™ Vodka promises a smooth and clean finish with a little sweetness thanks to Triple Wave Filtration™ —a process perfected by White Claw’s® master blender that employs the pressure equivalent to three 30-foot waves.

The Ultimate Cocktail Kit

While White Claw™ Vodka is enjoyable on its own, it can also serve as the base for some pretty epic cocktails, making it the perfect gift for professional and amateur mixologists.

Grab a bottle of White Claw™Premium Vodka, a classic vodka balanced with slight citrus notes, and White Claw™Flavored Vodka Black Cherry, featuring bold dark fruit flavor and a velvety mouthfeel, in a basket along with a shiny shaker, some funky Martini glasses, and leveled-up versions of home-bar basics (stuffed olives, edible flowers, interesting liqueurs). Then, sit back and serve as the official taste tester while the giftee gets behind the bar.

Need some inspiration? For those who prefer to booze by the book, White Claw® has a selection of recipes featuring these and other products. The Holi-Cherry Martini puts a fruity spin on the classic, while The Cranberry Fizz is a festive, crowd-pleasing cocktail perfectly suited for any holiday get-together. There are also options like The Holiday Super CLAW™, which features White Claw™ Flavored Vodka Black Cherry and White Claw® Hard Seltzer Black Cherry, so be sure to throw in a 6-pack of the latter for bonus fun and extra sparkle.

Tailgating To Go

If you want to be the No. 1 friend to a No. 1 fan, forget the beer. Next game day, transform their tailgate experience with a selection of White Claw™Vodka + Soda.

Made with White Claw’s Triple Wave Filtered™ vodka and a splash of real fruit juice, these canned cocktails are pre-mixed for ultimate portability and drinkability. Available in four flavors — Peach, Pineapple, Wild Cherry, and Watermelon — there’s something for everyone at the tailgate. Plus, like all White Claw® products, they’re high-flavor and ring in at 100 calories, two grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of protein, and zero grams of fat in each 12-ounce can.

Here’s the game plan: Grab a variety 8-pack of your friends’ favorite flavors, a football, koozies, chips and salsa, and some sporty swag. Then, for bonus points, package it all in a cooler in the home team’s colors.

And just like that, you’re ready to head to the stadium — or at least the living room — to cheer them on. No matter what the final score is, White Claw® is always a win.

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