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Jim Beam Black Gets 7-Year Age Statement and Bottle Redesign

Jim Beam Black, a beloved expression from the brand’s bourbon lineup, is getting a full-scale makeover. The relaunch, announced Tuesday, includes an updated formula and a sleek new bottle design.

According to a brand press release, the enhanced liquid — crafted under the guidance of seventh- and eighth-generation master distillers Fred and Freddie Noe — was aged for seven years and delivers a rich, velvety palate with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak.

“After seven years of patient aging in white oak barrels, something truly magical happens,” says James B. Beam Distilling Company managing director Rashidi Hodari of the 90-proof whiskey. “The bourbon evolves into a deep, rich gold, revealing layers of complexity and depth.”

Jim Beam Black was originally classified as “double aged” when it launched in 1978, meaning it spent twice the amount of time in barrel compared to the distillery’s standard 4-year-old white label. The brand removed the “double aged” labeling from the expression in 2015 and reclassified the bourbon as “extra aged,” which left its exact in-barrel aging time unclear. This expression’s new age statement is the first to appear on the Black bottle since then. The bottle’s fresh black-and-gold label also features an embossed font and a clean, stripped-down design.

The revamped Jim Beam Black will be available starting June 12 in various sizes. The standard 750-ml bottle can be found at ReserveBar, Total Wine, Binnys, and select retailers for an SRP of $24.99.

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