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High Noon is Launching a Line of Tequila Seltzers This Month

High Noon Tequila Hard Seltzer is hitting shelves this March, according to an emailed press release from the brand. The launch follows the wild success of the brand’s core vodka seltzers, which skyrocketed High Noon to distribution and sales highs.

The Tequila Seltzer will be available in a variety pack of eight, 355-milliliter cans. High Noon’s new spirit-based RTD is available in four flavors: strawberry, lime, grapefruit, and passionfruit. It’s created from blanco tequila, real fruit juice, sparkling water, and natural flavors.

Each seltzer comes in at 4.5 percent ABV and contains 100 calories. The brand’s classic, minimalist logo accompanies a kelly green label on cans, similar to the design of the original vodka Sun Sips.

Credit: High Noon Sun Sips

While initial rollout begins this month, the variety packs won’t be available at a national scale until May. The variety pack will retail for a suggested price of $21.99.

The brand believes the newest addition will expand its consumer base with a “premium tequila-based hard seltzer in a category crowded by malt-based alternatives,” according to a representative from the brand.

High Noon’s sales volume hit over 16 million cases in 2022, making it the top spirits brand by volume, according to Impact Database. It now leads the category, bypassing long-standing popular brands like Tito’s and Fireball. High Noon’s core vodka lineup contains a range of 13 fruit flavors, including Cranberry and Pear seltzers that launched in August 2022.

If tequila’s trending status among young drinkers and High Noon’s popularity are any indication, these seltzers certainly have the potential to be fan favorites.

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