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Château Miraval Feud Escalates, Brad Pitt Labeled ‘Petulant Child’

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s battle over Château Miraval is seemingly far from over.

A new court filing from Jolie’s former investment company Nouvel alleges that Pitt refused to treat Nouvel as an “equal partner” in decisions over Château Miraval vineyard, according to CNN. Jolie and Pitt’s shared ownership of the 500-hectare Provence estate, which they purchased in 2012 during their marriage, remains a major factor in the actors’ contentious divorce proceedings following their 2016 split.

The court documents, filed on Monday, state that Nouvel — which Jolie founded and then sold in 2021 — is requesting at least $350 million in damages from the “Bullet Train” star. The company claims that Pitt “acted like a petulant child” by “stripping” and “looting” the winery’s assets to control the estate, and that Pitt “wasted” millions of dollars on renovations after Jolie sold her half of the estate to Stoli Group in 2021.

That sale prompted Pitt to file a lawsuit against his ex-spouse in February 2022. In the filing, Pitt says that the pair agreed to not sell the company without the other’s approval. In September that same year, Nouvel filed a $250 million countersuit against Pitt that alleged that he tried to devalue Jolie’s half of the vineyard, which is known for its best-selling Chateau Miraval Rosé.

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