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Ben Affleck to Appear in Dunkin’s First Super Bowl Commercial: Details

It’s a fact: Ben Affleck has a love affair with Dunkin’. Now, the star-struck couple may be teaming up on an ad for Sunday’s big game.

The coffee and donut chain teased its first-ever Super Bowl commercial on Monday in an Instagram video post. The video of the chain’s trademark iced coffee is captioned with the words “Something’s Ben Brewing.”

“We’re airing our first-ever Super Bowl ad this year, but you’ll have to tune in on Sunday to see what’s ‘Ben’ brewing!” Dunkin’s chief marketing officer Jill Nelson tells VinePair over email.

The ad was filmed in early January and includes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, according to People. It’s part of a long-running online joke concerning Affleck’s apparent loyalty to the brand. The Massachusetts native, 50, has been captured in paparazzi photos (quite frequently, we might add) while trying to balance large orders from the chain.

Which Ben Affleck with Dunkin Donuts are you today? pic.twitter.com/16IgMORtWW

— Summer Morris Hobson (@summeramorris_) February 16, 2021

While Dunkin’ has yet to confirm the star of its very first Super Bowl ad, all signs point to Affleck. In January, he was spotted handing out coffee orders at a drive-thru in a Boston suburb. It’s believed that the Super Bowl commercial was filmed during this stunt.

no one has ever seen Ben Affleck smile this hard in Hollywood. man needs to quit his job and start picking up shifts at Dunkin’ pic.twitter.com/eqyMMoJ6jU

— Fletcher Peters (@fIetcherpeters) January 10, 2023

As the text on Dunkin’s Instagram post includes the date “2.12.23,” it’s assumed the commercial isn’t dropping online until the time of the big game.

This won’t be the only Super Bowl LVII commercial to include online trends. Last month, Budweiser announced a “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”-themed campaign — a reference to the popular internet game that links any actor to “Footloose” star Kevin Bacon through six film co-star connections or less.

America — and Ben Affleck — run on Dunkin’, so it’s only natural they’d both appear during one of the biggest nights in football.

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