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Beer-Drinking Monkey Loose in Indianapolis Apprehended

Yet another animal with a beer habit has wreaked havoc on a local community.

Last week, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) responded to a call in Indianapolis’ Irongate neighborhood regarding a beer-drinking monkey “on the loose.” The IMPD posted on X (formerly Twitter) warning civilians of the primate’s presence and reports of minor injuries inflicted by the monkey. While it was not immediately known where the patas monkey had come from, authorities were able to gather that the escaped pet, named Momo, was owned by a local man.

IMPD is assisting @INDYACS with a monkey on the loose near 500 Ironridge Ct (south of E Washington St and S Mitthoefer Rd).

There are reports of minor injuries from the monkey but we can’t confirm it is from bites.

(Actual monkey pictured). pic.twitter.com/dznheMKihY

— IMPD (@IMPDnews) October 4, 2023

Officers arrived on the scene around 6:30 p.m. local time last Wednesday evening where they were told by residents nearby that Momo had been seen drinking beer found in their trash cans and scaring several civilians. Bonnie Wright, an Indianapolis local, told CBS 4 WTTV that Momo ran up to her garage and pinned her against the door. She added that she then “had to take a stool and put it between [her] and the monkey to kind of dodge the monkey away until [she] got into the house.”

Despite the scare and widespread search for Momo, the IMPD was unable to successfully locate the monkey that night and the search was called off, according to local news station WISH-TV. But luckily, Momo wouldn’t be on the loose for much longer. Neighbors spotted the monkey breaking into an empty home the next morning and promptly called 911, at which point the cops were able to trap and capture him inside the home after shutting all of the doors. The monkey was later turned over to Indianapolis Animal Care Services for veterinarian care.


Momo the monkey has been captured safely.

That was more than enough monkey business for us.

Thank you all for your assistance. pic.twitter.com/CqVHoLcRGJ

— IMPD (@IMPDnews) October 5, 2023

At this time, authorities are unsure whether or not Momo will be returned to his owners, as last week’s jailbreak was the second time since July the monkey has escaped his living quarters.

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