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4 Ways to Go Bold This Holiday Season With Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre

Frenchman Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle had an affinity for aged Cognac, a refined brandy from France’s Cognac region. This traditional spirit is made from grapes and aged in oak casks to impart nuanced and complex notes to the liquid — but in 1880, Marnier-Lapostolle took it one step further by blending his Cognac with exotic orange liqueur, thus introducing the world to Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge. 

At the time, this unique combination of exceptional Cognac and rare Caribbean oranges was audacious and had never been done before. It’s no surprise that Grand Marnier became a hit and now, nearly 150 years later, is still sought after around the world.

Marnier-Lapostolle often enjoyed Grand Marnier neat, but he had a penchant for adding an extra drop of Cognac to his glass for increased depth and richness. As a tribute to his riff, Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre, or “LAX” as we like to call it, was created nearly a century later in 1977. Crafted with VSOP Cognac from the finest vineyards in the Cognac region and aged to perfection in tronçais oak casks, it offers depth and decadent flavors reminiscent of Paris in autumn.

Like the changing leaves, this amber liquid boasts tints of copper and gold. Flavors of candied orange and macerated citrus fruit lend themselves to a distinguished, intense taste with a long finish. Pine and Earl Grey tea notes add an earthy foundation to every sip.

Whether you’re gearing up for holiday hosting or simply looking to add a little elegance to your glass, here are four occasions where Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre truly shines. 

Celebrating at a Cocktail Bar

It’s almost 5 o’clock, and you’re counting down the minutes until you can meet up with your friends, a match, or your beau at the town’s trendy spot — a high-end cocktail bar you’ve been meaning to try out. It’s finally cool enough that you can don your favorite coat and scarf, and you stop to check out your reflection on the window outside before heading in. Looking good.

You tell the hostess you’re meeting someone and scope out the scene. Finally, you see a familiar hand waving you over to the corner of the bar by the fireplace. You say your pleasantries, sit down, and when the waiter comes, you order a glass of Cuvée Louis-Alexandre on the rocks. When it arrives, savor the layers of citrus zest, the orange and bergamot essences. Now, you’re ready for an evening of conversation as rich as the liqueur in your glass.

Serving at an Aesthetic At-Home Hangout

When the rain is seemingly never-ending, there’s nothing cozier than having your closest friends over for an evening of laughter and music. You know those elegant glasses you’ve been waiting to use for a special occasion? Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre makes the perfect excuse. 

Spin some lo-fi beats, and serve over one large ice cube for unfussy elegance. Delicious hors d’oeuvres keep guests happy — think smoked salmon canapés, brie cheese with apricot jam, and stuffed mushrooms. 

Grab your seat on the sofa and raise your glass to friendship. Don’t sip yet, though. First, pose for a picture or two as a keepsake, and then enjoy the lingering finish of Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre.  

A Friendsgiving Treat

One of the most exciting events of the season is an epic Friendsgiving dinner. Whether gathered around the table in your one-bedroom apartment or bundled up enjoying the crisp fall air and fire pit in a friend’s backyard, Grand Marnier’s Cuvée Louis-Alexandre is the cherry on top of a good meal.

When the dessert comes out — an array of delectable pies, cakes, pudding, and more — now’s your time to shine. Pour a glass of Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre as an extra after-dinner treat. Each bite of sweet dessert is tempered by the liqueur’s intriguing complexity and whisper of bitterness. Serve with candied orange slices on the side, and you’ll almost certainly be asked to plan Friendsgiving next year.

Sipping and Gifting

Wrapping holiday gifts is a satisfying part of the season for some and a chore for others. To set yourself up for success, sit by the fireplace (or in front of the radiator) and organize all the supplies you’ll need for your wrapping rendezvous. Turn on some holiday beats, keep a plate of gingerbread cookies close by,  and pour yourself a glass of Cuvée Louis-Alexandre. The presents will be wrapped in no time.

The Season for Elegance

Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre is a simple and delicious addition to your holiday plans. The combination of refined Cognac and bitter orange offers a new take on seasonal flavors, an audacious deviation from the expected.

This article is sponsored by Grand Marnier.

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